let your mind relax
let your senses open
let your attention deepen
  1. MBAT Level 1: Mindfulness Based Art Therapy

    October 24, 2016 by Brian Callahan

    Register for MBAT Level 1: Spring 2017
    April 20 – 21, 2017
    Centre for Peace, 1825 West 16th Ave., Vancouver, BC

    Explore the three stages of Mindfulness through Mindful Art practices, Spring 2017.

    A regular meditation practice or contemplative art practice is the basis for MBAT. We will focus on cultivating positive social and emotional health, self-management skills, gratitude and compassion. More than learning to focus attention and simply be, we look at the transformative power of contemplative art and awakened heart.

    MBAT Level 1 explores the three stages through the senses and embodied presence by connecting to Mindfulness of Body and Mindfulness of Life. Through practices of calligraphic brush work, gentle inquiry, mindful drawing, collage, and painting we explore issues such as conflicted emotions, pain management, addiction recovery, anxiety, stress and work place issues. Practices of personal presence in the counselling, coaching, or teaching dynamic will be offered.
    Prerequistes: Mindfulness practice + professional certification in your field as an ArtTherapist, Counsellor, Educator or related field.

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