let your mind relax
let your senses open
let your attention deepen

MBAT Summer Institute: July 2014
Mindfulness Based Art Therapy: The Expressive Mind of Transformation
Centre for Peace, 1825 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

This summer we will explore the three stages of Mindfulness through art practices rooted in the principles o contemplative art. A regular meditation practice or contemplative art practice is the basis for MBAT. This course focues on how to cultivate positive social and emotional health through self-management skills and cultivating gratitude and compassion. More than learning to focus attention and simply be, we look at the transformative power of contemplative art and awakened heart.

MBAT Level 1 with Margaret Jones Callahan MA RCC BCATA Register Now
July 15 – 16, 2014

Level 1 begins with the exploration of the sense fields and embodied presence, focusing on Mindfulness of Body and Mindfulness of Life.

Participants will apply these two aspects of Mindfulness through practices of calligraphic brush work, gentle inquiry, Miksang-photography, mindful drawing, collage, and painting. Through seeing and experiencing our images, thoughts, emotions and sensations as a continuous, ever changing stream of events, new perspectives and insights are generated and our natural creative intelligence arises. Issues explored may include conflicted emotions, pain management, addiction recovery, anxiety, conflict, stress and work place issues.

Specific Mindfulness practices for cultivating gratitude and empathy will be offered. This course emphasizes Mindfulness of Body and developing personal presence in the counseling dynamic.


MBAT Level 2 with Margaret Jones Callahan MA RCC BCATA   Register Now
July 17 – 18,2014

This course extends the creative exploration to the principles of Mindfulness of Effort, and the Wisdom arising from Mindfulness while engaging comple issues of trauma, grief, relationships and death. 

Through mindfulness exercises, you will learn group composition, circle stories,a brush practice, mask and mirror, and space-awareness practices to address specific clinical issues such as grief, shock, stress, anxiety, and addiction.  Additional Mindfulness practices will be offered to evoke the natural expressive power of mind and positive qualities of inner strength and wisdom.


Level 3 with Margaret
Internship: This is an advanced mindfulness practice seminar for purposes of personal growth, leadership development, and creative expression.  It will focus on mandala principle as personal and community development and expression. Participants may apply directly to Margaret for acceptance as an intern. Regular meditation practice is required.

Open Studio Groups with Margaret March 29, April 5 and 12  now full Register Now

2014 Spring Studio Series January 18 through April 12
Individual Studio Dates: January 18, 25, February 1, March 29, April 5, 12
Participants can register for series of 3 dates (Jan 18, 25 and Feb 1 or March 29 and April 5, 12).

Summer 2014 studio series coming soon

This hands-on course provides an experience of mindfulness in the context of the creative process. By working mindfully in the creative process, blocks and obstacles are illumined, new insights arise, and strong emotional and spiritual energies are released. Students gain fresh access to their inner world in a safe, supportive, creative environment. They are able to envision and move forward with significant changes in their day to day lives.