let your mind relax
let your senses open
let your attention deepen

Mindfulness for Professionals   integrates the skill set of mindfulness with your professional practice.

This seminar series offers progressive training in mindfulness practice as a basis for developing a balanced authentic presence, and leadership  Mindfulness methods for staying focused under pressure and calm in the midst of chaos will be practiced.  Participants will learn skills for identifying and working with strengths and blind spots.  A skilled professional is able to apply mindfulness in harnessing the creative tension of the unknown to meet challenges with innovation and confidence.  Difficult conversations can become dialogues.  The power of bad news can become a positive force for change and growth.  Our direction becomes clear when we connect to these situations from adeep source of personal integrity or true point.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Mindfulness-awareness practices
  • Mindfulness based self tracking skills
  • Strategies for staying focused and effectively on –task
  • How to identify your personal True Point